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June 20, 2017, (Representative of U.S.A. MANUFACTURERS) PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED BY PRINCIPALS Closed Cycle GM Refrigerators,10K,30K Single and Double Stage LHe & LH2, LN2 Containers for Storage, Transport, Distribution, Verticle & Horizontal type. Cryo-Flasks Vacuum Insulated Flexible All SS LHe and LN2 Transfer Lines, U-shape; Split type LHe Transfer Lines with Regulating Cryo Valves. Cryogenic-Temperature Controllers/ Monitors, Si-Diode, Pt, RuO, Sensors from 0.3K to 1200 K. Cryopump Clean High Vacuum Systems.350-10000 Litre/Sec for N2; upto 30000 L/S for Water. On-Board Cryopump Systems, Water Pumps Superconducting NbTi, Nb3Sn Wires/ Cables,Very High Filament,Monolithic etc.for SC- Magnets, Accelerators, MRI,SC-Switches, LHe Level Sensors Cryo-Accessories Ph-Br Wires, Cryogenic Greases. Links,,,,

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